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Urban Art to conquer the world

The invasion has begun. The Spray Bud Squad sets out to conquer the world. Each Spray Bud is an ambassador of urban culture, Street Art culture… Like a good virus, Spray Bud leaves its mark on the territories given back to Urban Art. Wherever Urban Art is, Spray Bud will be! Wherever Spray Bud is, Urban Art will be!

Spray Bud! Spray Art!

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Spray Bud Familly

Spray Bud 150

Blake – 15cm

Character : Voluntary, Insatiable
Favorite Drink : Cocktails
“Brain and muscles”

Wayne – 15cm

Character : Adventurer, Mischievous
Favorite Drink: Spritz
“Go to infinity and move from there!”

Barry – 15cm

Character: Stubborn, Brawler
Favourite Drink :
Vodka 10 years old
“Save water, drink Vodka”

Ray – 15cm

Character: Lazy, liar
Favorite Drink: Iced tea
“Let’s the god time rolls!”

Spray Bud 600


/ Purpose

To make Art a vector of vitality and a vector of integration of our Societies.

For an Art that is transgenerational, multi-ethnic, classless and respectful of everyone and the environment.

/ Ambition

To make Art accessible to the greatest number.

  • Erase cultural, economic and financial barriers.
  • Awaken the youngest, shake up the passive, mobilise fans and promote the active.
  • Bring ideas and solutions for their implementation.
/ Contacts

contact [@] spray-bud.com

ARTxPACE Productions
14 place Marie-Jeanne Bassot
92300 Levallois-Perret

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